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In Electricidad M SOL SL we are dedicated to Electrical Installations and Telecommunications; Aware of the importance of satisfying the needs of our clients, offering quality service and products, and the need to advance in the continuous improvement of our management, we assume the following PRINCIPLE that makes up our Quality Management Policy:

  • Obtain QUALITY in the performance of our activities and development of work and our products, achieving the maximum SATISFACTION of our CLIENTS through the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

In relation to this principle, and for its optimal development:

  • We use the Management System as the main tool to implement this principle and improve the efficiency of our organization.

  • We integrate Quality criteria from planning, development, execution, monitoring and review of all our management processes; with the aim of PREVENTING, REDUCING or ELIMINATING the factors that may negatively affect the quality of the products and services that we supply to our clients.

  • We acquire the commitment to COMPLY not only with the REQUIREMENTS of our clients, but with the legal, regulatory and other requirements that the organization subscribes, that are applicable in the field of quality, maintaining an attitude of vigilance and adaptation of the same .

  • We promote the PARTICIPATION and RESPONSIBILITY of the personnel in the management system, and we establish actions that go in the direction of increasing the MOTIVATION of the employees, their TRAINING, as a basic element of permanent updating and adaptation, their INVOLVEMENT and COMMUNICATION between the different members of the organization.

This Quality Management Policy is:

  • Approved by the Directorate of Electricity M SOL SL thus expressing its commitment to continuous improvement and Quality; as well as its commitment to provide the necessary resources (material and human) for the proper functioning of the system.

  • Periodically reviewed, at least in each of the Reviews by Management carried out annually for its continuous adaptation to our System and Organization.

  • Communicated to all staff, ensuring that it is understood, and to interested parties, as well as to the public that requests it.

  • The frame of reference for the establishment and review of the improvement objectives set by the organization, the follow-up of which makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of the Quality management system.

Address Electricidad M SOL SL

Approval Date: 01/10/2018

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