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3-dimensional studies

We create your virtual worlds. We document the results of your lighting designs in stunning photorealistic visualizations. Daylight and artificial scenarios through which our clients can navigate with dizzying camera tours. We can take CAD data from other architectural programs as a base and comfortably export the results back to our program or we can use, if you wish, 3D models from the Internet with incredible ease.

While we design creatively, we determine in parallel the energy consumption of your lighting solution, thus supporting you in complying with current national and international guidelines.

In our program you can project with the luminaires of the world's leading manufacturers and at the same time have the greatest possible creative freedom and the list of international partner companies is getting longer and longer.

  • We create efficient and professional lighting projects.

  • Updated data on luminaires from the world's leading manufacturers.

  • Energy evaluation in the blink of an eye.

  • Color light scenes with LEDs or other color-changing luminaires.

Video with one of our projects, before (metal halide current state of the store) and after (LED).

"We waste time on many useless things, when the good things are there and we do not see them. And if they are not, we have the opportunity to create them."

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