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- We analyze your electricity bill

- We carry out a field study to identify all areas for improvement.

- We carry out measurements and analysis of consumption

- We propose more efficient solutions.

- We carry out the most interesting proposals

Among the measures of greatest interest, Electricidad M.SOL proposes the study of the location of light points, the replacement of luminaires, lamps and equipment, autonomous and centralized control systems and all with the latest available technology.

Here are a series of tips that help you save without reducing your quality of life:

  • Turn off the light when leaving the rooms (savings on the electricity bill of up to 25%).

  • Make the most of natural light; the light walls enhance it.

  • Keep lamps clean.

  • Replace the old incandescent bulbs with low consumption, class A bulbs (80% savings in lighting).

  • Use fluorescent lamps in long-lit areas such as in the kitchen.

  • Renew the old electrical appliances for more efficient ones: Class A, A +, A ++.

  • Properly regulate the refrigerator temperature and remove the frost.

  • Savings of over 60% can be achieved by using the microwave instead of the oven. The microwave is the appliance that uses the least energy to reheat food.

  • Use containers with a diameter slightly larger than the fire and flat bottom (or the energy consumption will double).

  • By using the pressure cooker, you save time and consume less energy.

  • Air dry clothes and iron them while they are still slightly damp.

  • Load the dishwasher and the washing machine to the maximum and use the appropriate program according to the degree of dirt. Whenever you can wash with cold or low temperature water.

  • Periodically clean the water filters and monitor the maintenance of the dishwasher and washing machine.

  • Unplug chargers when battery is full.

  • Avoid leaving appliances on standby (it accounts for around 10% of household electricity bills).

  • Replacing old windows with well insulated ones provides significant savings.

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