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About us

Electricidad M.SOL was born in 1991, with a marked technical and comprehensive vocation, after extensive experience in the electricity sector.

In its beginnings, Electricidad M.SOL is located in a small local in Azkoitia, carrying out low voltage electrical installations, in industry, homes, etc.

The human team from its beginnings with high training and quality causes the expansion of the workforce incorporating engineering, commercial, quality control, management control services, moving to the new current headquarters, more in line with its needs.

Since the birth of Electricidad M.SOL. their references have always been:

Customer satisfaction, technical advice, human quality, competitiveness, spirit in each new project, providing its staff with courses and specific training, planning each work and project carefully.

Today Electricidad M.SOL. is a modern company adapted to new developments in the sector and with highly qualified personnel in the electricity, telecommunications and comprehensive management of structured networks (voice and data) sectors.

In our engineering department we advise our clients for their greater benefit of the latest technologies to fit the needs of the project or work to be carried out, always customizing aesthetics and delivery dates in a great way.

The materials we use are always of the highest quality, being in permanent contact with our manufacturers and suppliers with personalized information on technological advances.

For the convenience of our customers, Electricidad M.SOL. is in charge of managing and processing in the various official levels during and at the end of the work all the technical documentation necessary for the completion of the work (current of work, Iberdrola, Industry, OCA, projects, etc ...)

In our lighting department we will personalize your public lighting projects, homes, workshops, etc ... according to your needs, optimizing the greatest light power at lower consumption, taking care of the environment without making the product more expensive.

Likewise, since 2001, Electricidad M.SOL. has been offering its services of home automation facilities, collaborating with various high-quality commercial firms, being considered a benchmark in quality / price in the sector.

Technologically Electricidad M.SOL, has made substantial progress by incorporating telecommunications technicians to its staff, being registered with number 105 at the national level, as well as in structural network installations, offering comprehensive services, being leaders and references in this type of installations.

Electricidad M.SOL, in its efforts to develop new technologies, also has trusted partners who specialize in renewable energies, automata (various brands), etc ...

Since 2005, as an innovation the quality department has been created, being one of the most demanding in the sector for the benefit of the client.

Our clients grow and we grow with them, being the direct and personal treatment, understanding their needs, making them ours and thus achieving optimal results and as a consequence the total satisfaction of the client, which is the priority objective of our company.

1. Commitment. With our clients and with the projects we work with.

2. Responsibility. When carrying out tasks in order to optimize time management.

3. Involvement. With the philosophy, mission and values of our clients.

4. Positive attitude. Transmit enthusiasm for the projects in which you participate.

5. Proactivity. Take initiative, take action and take responsibility for things happening without letting the environment influence negatively.

6. Adaptability. Both to the current conjunctural context and to the changes that may occur depending on the needs.

7. Interest. For our clients and for the projects we are working on.

8. Specialization in new technologies. Be at the forefront of new techniques and materials to be used.

9. Sincerity. Sincerity is the root of all virtues.

10. Empathy. The ability to show closeness and understanding with our clients helps create a favorable work environment

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